The Team

Headaches and Hangovers Coffee is the brainchild of three very good friends. Drawing from their experiences in the business and medical professions coupled with an appreciation for fine food and drink, an idea was hatched.

The culmination of the blending of this talent has led to a groundbreaking coffee with medicinal properties and benefits through the science behind the ingredients.

It is our hope that you will not only enjoy the products on the basis of their taste and quality but reap the intended medicinal benefits as well.



I have been working in the health and wellness field for over 25 years. I have a doctorate in Health Policy. I have worked with university systems, hospitals, and clinics in various roles. As a co-founder, the idea of the company came when I saw various problems with the current healthcare system when dealing with my own family.



As an Emergency Medicine physician for more than 15 years, I have witnessed innumerable accounts of patients and families who are looking for alternative treatments and remedies for various medical conditions. Many people are frustrated with traditional therapies and long for a more simple, natural approach to health and wellbeing. We at Elder-Berry Foods are using our medical and science backgrounds to scour the world for natural ingredients to supplement everyday foods to help with afflictions. Because I am a migraine sufferer myself, we have resourced natural ingredients to add to coffees and teas to potentially prevent and treat many types of headaches including migraines. These ingredients are very similar to treatments that I provide my headache patients in the Emergency Room. Wouldn’t you rather put all nature-sourced ingredients into your body to help it heal itself naturally? That is our mantra at Elder-Berry Foods. Food as Medicine.



As a Registered Nurse with an MBA, I have been working in Health Care Administration and the medical field for over 25 years in various roles of leadership. I have worked in the hospital setting, clinic setting, private sector as well as holding positions in senior management in the local and state health department.
I welcomed the idea of exploring healthy alternatives for people in pain and utilizing homeopathic options for Health and Wellness. Over the course of time, I have worked and assisted in treating patients in chronic pain, some of which are patients being treated for migraines.
As someone who personally suffers from migraines and tries to manage and treat my migraines through all natural remedies,I see the importance of seeing Food as Medicine and love the science behind our products. I feel that I can help to instill this philosophy in other people suffering from headaches and migraines.
I feel that along with my dear friends, who are now my business partners, we embody the philosophy of Food as Medicine, and thus the creation of Elder-Berry Foods LLC!



As someone that deals with chronic pain daily, I have always been interested in treatment outside of pharmaceuticals. I have chosen to partner with Elder-Berry Foods because their innovation in developing food-based alternatives to pharmaceuticals is appealing.
As MARKETING DIRECTOR, I am bringing over 18 years of marketing experience to the team and focusing on branding Elder-Berry foods as the pinnacle of homeopathic treatments.
Our goal is to provide relief to people that suffer, just like myself, in simple ways so you can get back to your day, pain free. Our greatest strength is our commitment to all natural alternatives to provide relief for headaches, migraines, chronic pain and of course hangovers through a single cup of coffee!